How do I know if I can win awards?

Our FREE Win Business Awards Scorecard can be easily and quickly completed online in less than five minutes. This helpful tool benchmarks your current ability to win awards and identifies how to increase your chances of winning awards in the future, with a handy report supplied on completion.

What size does my business have to be to win awards?

Often, your business can be any size with no minimum or maximum requirements. Whether you’re an individual, team, SME or a large corporate organisation, a wealth of awards are out there for you. Selected awards have specific criteria like the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, which require a minimum of two staff.

Can I enter an award with my client?

Yes – you can enter as a partnership with one of your clients if you’ve been working on a specific project together for mutual benefit.

Do I need to be in profit to win awards?

It is not essential to be in profit for most awards, however it is always advisable to include your most recent business plan to show how you are looking to strategically grow and develop over the next 1/2/3 years.

Do I need to show growth in turnover to win awards?

While demonstrating that your business has grown is good, not all awards look at finances. You can win even without growth if you’re able to supply an effective and successful client project.

How many client projects do I need to win an award?

You will need to reference just one client project that includes a strong case study explaining the objectives, how you set about achieving these and a summary of the outcomes – including measurement of these in a range of metrics.

Are there any particular awards I should avoid?

It is best to avoid awards that fail to meet your business or personal goals, and we definitely don’t recommend getting in touch with awards that email you to say you’ve ‘been nominated’ – accompanied by a request for money to ‘win’ or feature on some kind of list.


Our FREE Win Business Awards Scorecard benchmarks your current ability to win awards and identifies how to increase your chances of winning in the future. It takes less than five minutes to complete and you’ll receive a FREE report showing your strengths and weaknesses.




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“I couldn’t be happier, or more shocked, to have won a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. Donna’s guidance was invaluable, and without her support and expertise we would have never even entered, nevermind won!”

Andrew Burnett-Thompson, CEO, SciChart


What People Say About Us

“We are delighted to have won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category and would highly recommend Donna’s services. Her professional advice and guidance was invaluable during the application process. With Donna’s help, we were able to put together a comprehensive submission for the esteemed award and we are thrilled with the results.”

Steve Kaye, Marketing Director, HiB

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"I have been working with Donna over the last few years and I have to say, I have found her to be the consummate professional, always keeping her promises, a great marketer and PR guru."

Neil Skehel, Ceo, Awards International

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“Donna’s masterclass gave me a fantastic insight into what it takes to win awards. I found the training extremely useful as this is something that can be carried forward and used on a day-to-day basis."

Pauline Saunders, Head of Events, The Learning & Performance Institute

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“We were so proud to win gold in our category at the UK Business Awards. Thanks again Donna for your advice on our initial submission – which really helped shape the entry. The whole team is delighted with the result!”

Helen Nesbitt, Head of Content, Farrer Kane

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“Donna’s guidance and advice was invaluable when preparing our submission for a number of awards this year. She helped us to lay out the detail in a way that ensured judges could clearly see compelling evidence aligned to judging criteria, challenged our thinking and helped us to ensure that nothing was left to chance. Time spent with Donna is time very well invested!”

Moyra Smith, Strategic Business Manager, Mercuri International

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“The awards training has been one of the most unique, informative, and inspiring days the team have ever completed. I was really impressed Donna at how you engaged and interacted with my team – you are a real inspiration and a lady bursting with personality. Keep up the amazing work!”

Andrew Scott, CEO, Ascot Group and Business Leader Magazine

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“We haven’t won an award since 2007 but in the last 5 months – we have won 5, including a really prestigious one last Friday from the City of London. So just wanted to say thank you – the course really helped switch the way we thought about entering these and the results speak for themselves!”

Amy Walters, Business Manager, Bow Lane Dental Group


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