What should I do now I’ve won a business award?

Immediately share your success on social media so that all of your followers (and competitors!) are aware of your victory. We recommend circulating a press release to the local / regional / national media (depending on your business size and objectives) as soon as possible following your win.

How can I maximise my awards success?

By undertaking research before and after your awards win, you’ll be able to quantify how much impact it has had on specific aspects of your business, such as ‘team morale’ and ‘brand awareness’. These kinds of metrics can even be used to achieve more success, such as better recruitment and staff retention.

Use the appropriate awards logo on all of your platforms and marketing channels to showcase your achievement. For example, SciChart experienced a 30% increase in sales within a month of adding the The King’s Awards for Enterprise logo to their website.

Research from the British Quality Foundation found that award-winners experience, on average, a 63% increase in turnover following their win, so be prepared for a spike in sales once word of your success has spread.

Take a look at some of our Case Studies to see how individual companies have benefited from their awards wins.

What happens next after I’ve won an award?

Once you’ve been successful as an award-winner, that is only the start of your awards journey! Now is the time to capitalise on your achievement and seek out more awards that help to grow your business and provide new opportunities, investment etc.




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