Without award organisers there wouldn’t be awards. Teams, individuals and businesses wouldn’t be able to get the recognition they deserve or have a trophy to say they are the best.

Why is this important?

External credibility from industry awards programmes helps businesses to win over customers, identifies successful internal projects, and highlights individuals who stand out – raising value for all.


We have years of experience supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes to win a whole host of awards across all industry sectors. We also have an abundance of experience judging local, national, and international awards, and (lucky for us!) attending awards ceremonies in some incredible venues.

All of this experience means we know exactly how awards programmes work from the inside out. This benefits our clients as we can make real recommendations on which awards to enter and why, we understand the criteria and requirements, and we know exactly what awards the judges want to hear – and how they will mark each entry or presentation.

This wealth of experience also means we know a good awards programme when we see one!


The one thing that stands out with successful awards programmes is how user-friendly, easy and straightforward they are to enter, as well as how robust the judging process is.

Unfortunately, many awards programmes deter entrants with barriers they don’t even realise they are putting up – limiting the number of entries they receive and the overall profitability of their event. Just some of these barriers are:

  • Website design/user experience
  • Entry form structure and format
  • Category selection
  • Judging criteria
  • Presentation procedures
  • Registration process
  • Cost of entry
  • Entrants’ return on investment
  • And much more!

And a big problem for awards organisers is knowing how many people have thought about entering their awards, but have been put off at some point in the process, or have had a difficult experience and won’t be coming back!

Knowing how to optimise your awards programme to build a good reputation, get more entries (and good quality ones at that), can be difficult without a truly objective market view, and that’s where we can help.


We are in the unique position of understanding awards from an entrant’s point of view and a judge’s point of view. We act as an expert consultancy to awards organisers across the country to give their programme the head start or transformation it needs to be a great success.

Every awards programme needs a robust, clear strategy in order to succeed. Just some of the areas we analyse and improve include:

Awards purpose and ethos – engaging your audience to want YOUR award
Award entry structure – maximising your entries with our tried and tested format
Awards categories – making attractive, current choices that people want to win
Timelines and communications – optimising your programme from start to finish
Problem solving – removing barriers to entry that you didn’t know even existed
Delivering support for entrants – adding value to improve entrant’s experience
Awards judging process – providing robust and fair guidelines for success
Awards ceremony – using industry insights to make your ceremony stand out
Awards insights – how to stand out in a busy awards marketplace

Whether you are launching a new award or want to improve an existing programme, let us help you create a complete strategy for your awards programme to achieve the success it deserves.

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