Banking, Finance and Insurance Awards

The banking, finance and insurance industries are highly competitive, so the quickest and easiest way to stand out from your competitors is by winning prestigious industry awards.

Winning a banking, finance or insurance award proves to your clients, stakeholders, employees, and future employers that you are the best at what you are doing and are a trustworthy business. Winning awards will also help you to build brand awareness and build reputation.

Which Awards Should I Enter?

Whether you are a bank, financial service provider, a business leader in finance or you are supplying professional financial services. Deciding which awards to enter is an important part of your journey to winning. If you don’t pick the right awards, you are unlikely to win!

We would always suggest beginning your awards journey with an awards strategy – you’ll be better informed about deadlines, the best categories to enter for your business and any evidence you need to collect to substantiate your story. An awards strategy lets you plan your time efficiently to avoid stress and submitting a last minute clumsy entry that is destined to lose.

We’ve included some of our top picks of finance awards here for you as examples, this includes payment awards, credit awards, financial services and technology awards.

Finance Awards to Enter

Payments Awards – The annual Payment Awards organised by FStech and retail systems, recognise cards and payments excellence and innovation.

Insurance Times Awards – The Insurance Times Awards recognise and celebrate excellence and innovation across the breadth of UK general insurance. They are judged by independent panels of experts from across the sector, they shine a light on outstanding achievement and honour the best of the best.

Financial Innovation Awards – The Financial Innovation Awards celebrate customer service excellence in banking and finance. They recognise development of innovative products and projects that empower consumers, communities and businesses around the world.

City AM Awards – The City AM Awards celebrate London’s financial and business community and the most successful individuals and firms.

Banking Technology Awards – The Banking Technology Awards recognise excellence and innovation in the use of IT in financial services worldwide, and the people who make it happen.

Lending Awards – The Lending Awards bringing Mortgages, Commercial Finance and Alternative Lending (F5) awards under one roof. Recognising success in the consumer, commercial, and corporate lending.

Card and Payments Awards – The Card and Payments Awards recognise customer service, excellence and innovation in the UK and Irish card and payments industry. With different categories for credit, debit, prepaid and charge card issuers, co-brands, merchant acquirers, payment processors and other payment service organisations

FS Tech Awards – The FStech Awards recognise excellence and innovation in the field of information technology within the UK and EMEA financial services sector.

The FSForum Product and Innovation Awards – The FSForum Product and innovation Awards recognise innovation in financial services that deliver tangible benefits to both consumer and provider. These awards focus on the overall impact that innovation has had on the sector and/or consumer, and whether the innovation achieved or exceeded its objectives and goals.

Credit Awards – The Credit Awards recognise the excellent work carried out by the individuals, teams and organisations from the Credit industry.

How to win Banking, Finance and Insurance Awards

Once you’ve decided on the best award and category (or categories) for your business to enter, it’s time to pull your entry together with the required evidence.

Entering awards is a time consuming project, but the end result is worth all the hard work. After all, award-winning businesses are up to 63% more profitable than non-award winning businesses! We know it’s difficult for you to find time on top of your everyday work commitments to write a 1000+ word document that proves your winning attributes, but that’s where we can help.

We provide expert consultancy to help you decide which category fits your business best, write your entry and present your argument to the judges. Our expert writers create winning award entries and presentations for a multitude of businesses across all sectors, removing all the stress and time commitment of compiling your award entry.

So if you’re ready to enter awards, but don’t have the time or resources to write your winnning entry get in touch today. For more information about our bespoke expert award entry writing services click here.

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