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Are you a Great British Entrepreneur?

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By Donna O’Toole

Have you built a business that is driving great results?

Is yours a story about pioneering new ideas that are driving positive change? 

Did you know that personal recognition can raise your profile, make you an industry leader, and help you build your business?

It’s a great time to reap the benefits of your hard work by putting your unique story forward into one of the great UK awards open now including the National Business Awards and the UK Business Awards, which both have categories for entrepreneurs and the best UK businesses.

And dedicated to entrepreneurs, The Great British Entrepreneur Awards celebrate and champion the stories of business leaders like you with these 12 categories:

Creative Industries Entrepreneur of the Year: 

  • For entrepreneurs driving a profit-making business whose output is the unique product of the human imagination, also known as intellectual property. 

Entrepreneur for Good Award:

  • For entrepreneurs leading a business or within a charity that is implementing pioneering ideas and business models to help drive positive social change.

Entrepreneurial City of the Year:

  • Takes account of the figures, but also studies the entrepreneurial complexion to celebrate the city that has done the most to encourage and accommodate entrepreneurs across all sectors 

Entrepreneurs’ Champion of the Year:

  • These Entrepreneurs’ Champions are every bit as essential to business growth as the entrepreneurs themselves, and their unwavering support is recognised in this category. 

Family Business Entrepreneur of the Year:

  • The inaugural Family Business Entrepreneur award will be awarded to the entrepreneur/entrepreneurs leading and excelling within a family business. 

High Street Entrepreneur of the Year:

  • Recognises the achievements of the individual who has harnessed modern methods to bring business success, and more importantly, consumers, back to the four-walled world.

Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year:

  • Tenacious and analytical, innovators live outside the box and are guided by their entrepreneurial imagination. Free flowing ideas mean they naturally adapt to change and take the lead while doing so. They expect the unexpected and perceive opportunity in all facets of life. The Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year will engender these attributes through unique alternatives that have improved their sector and disrupted the status quo.

Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the Year:

  • The Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the Year seeks to redress the balance by championing entrepreneurs that have put everything into strategising the expansion and cost of doing business. Behind them is a very traceable history of extending reach and revenue. Ahead of them lies the constant hunt for business multipliers. 

Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year:

  • The Service Industries Entrepreneur of the Year will be able to produce measurable commercial achievements that are recognised by critical success and qualified through sustained customer satisfaction. 

Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year:

  • Recognises the achievements of those that have mastered this balancing act at the helm of firms of fifty employees or fewer. It celebrates the resilience, fortitude and the vital role these entities play in building Britain’s global reputation as an incubator for ideas and business growth.

Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year:

  • The Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year Award reaches out to those who have given everything to guiding their business through those all-important nascent stages. The winner will have responded to the many inevitable drawbacks with an attitude that feels for the best in every situation.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year:

The fearless spirit of the Young Entrepreneur invigorates monopolies with fresh competition, while their acumen as digital pioneers empowers local businesses to adopt global horizons. Aged 30 or under, the Young Entrepreneur of the Year will have used these traits to achieve a level of business success that belies their age. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Enter directly through the links above or if you’d like help in creating an outstanding award entry, CONTACT me.

Good luck!


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