If you’re a business leader with a successful award-winning company, or perhaps an entrepreneur who has built an outstanding company from the ground up then you need to take control of your personal brand and gain some inspirational recognition. You’ve worked hard in your industry to get to where you are, your business is thriving but now you need to shine and that’s where personal branding comes in.

‘Personal branding’ is a term we see being thrown around a lot – but what does it mean?

Just as a company or organisation will have a corporate brand which they portray with a logo, brand colours, tone of voice etc., your personal brand is how you wish others to see you and this can be achieved in several ways.

Do you want to get a new job? Do you want to apply for an important role? Or maybe you want your profile to stand out positively when you are assessed for an award or personal recognition.

Establishing your own personal brand is essential, and progressive professionals are using it to build reputation and get in front of the right audience – unlocking new opportunities.


You can test your personal brand quite easily by Googling yourself. What search terms are appearing? What images appear? Whose social profiles are appearing? Are there any content pages or news articles dominating the search page? Are these giving the best possible picture of your work and achievements, or is there something missing or misleading?

With the whole world now online, if someone wants to find some information about you they can simply type in ‘Your name’ and hit search. So it’s vital to control what appears on the first page of Google!


We have successfully helped our clients take control of their personal branding and supported them to achieve inspirational recognition by doing so. We provide expert consultancy, driven by our client’s individual goals, experiences and values to dominate search engines with positive content.

An obvious place to start is your social media profiles, but this is just a small step to taking control of your personal brand. The real difference is made from the content you share and create. Your content should always align with your personal views, beliefs, and often the industry in which you operate too. This can be a mixture of video, blogs, opinion pieces and images to make you stand out as an individual as well as good visual assets and profile pieces.

Getting recognition for your work and ensure that it’s in the public domain is essential to really grow your brand and enhancing your reputation online, and into the ‘real world’.

We have helped our clients win entrepreneur and business leader awards and created many winning Queen’s Honours nominations securing an MBE, OBE, CBE or knighthood for worthy nominees.


If you’re a business leader, entrepreneur or industry expert you need to get your personal brand up to scratch and that’s where we can help.

With our personal branding services, we will establish your specific needs and create a bespoke personal branding strategy that is unique to you.

Get in touch today and book your free evaluation. You can read one of our personal branding success stories here.

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