REVEALED: The 10 Awards Personas – which one are you?

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By Donna O’Toole


Most people who have considered entering awards – or have actively done so – typically fall into one of the following 10 Awards Personas.

Ultimately, ‘The Athlete’ will enjoy much greater success due to their logical and carefully planned approach, combined with a winning mindset and a tenacious personality.


1. The Imposter

– Can think of 100 reasons why they shouldn’t enter
– Doesn’t believe they can win, so what’s the point of trying
– Avoids the awards ceremony and watches the results on Twitter in their PJs

2. The Ostrich

– Sees awards as an overwhelming task they don’t want to deal with
– Head in the sand, shies away from the challenge
– Knows awards would help them, but would rather not compete

3. The Bridesmaid

– Excited to enter awards and always makes an effort
– Always a finalist, but never quite makes it to the awards altar
– Just wants to be noticed first, for once

4. The Misfit

– Doesn’t know their unique strengths
– Willing to have a go, but ends up in the wrong race
– All the gear, no idea – throws everything at the entry, hopes for the best

5. The Storyteller

– Tells an engaging and entertaining story
– Avoids the boring (but essential) data and evidence
– Fails to substantiate the story

6. The Tourist

– Sticks a pin in the map and heads off in the wrong awards direction
– Wants a taste of every opportunity
– Jumps into an award because their friend went last year

7. The Politician

– Doesn’t answer the actual question
– Makes impressive promises, but the numbers don’t add up
– Tells the judges what they think they want to hear

8. The Mathematician

– It’s all about numbers, graphs, formulas, and forecasts
– Logical, reliable, and a little bit dull
– Causes death by PowerPoint during the judging panel presentation

9. The Party Animal

– Decides to enter the award at the last minute
– Doesn’t really know how they got here, or where they are going next
– Puts more awards selfie photos on social media than the actual winner

10. The Athlete

– Knows what they want to achieve and what they need to do to get there
– Plans, prepares & trains to win the top award – no matter how long it takes
– Winning mindset lets them jump hurdles and keep going until they succeed


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